Service centre inside industrial park close to HCMC perfects supply chain

Service providers for industrial parks are usually located outside the parks due to various reasons like infrastructure, environment, location, space, and service conditions.

Having a service center right inside an IP will therefore make for complete modern supply chain.

Long Hau IP meets all requirements, especially in terms of infrastructure and environment and being situated a mere 10km from the Phu My Hung urban area, to set up a service centre.


Long Hau Trading Center (LHC) consists of two floors that offer office and retail space for rent. The first floor targets banks, supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, and showrooms, while the second floor is meant for offices, consultancies, shared offices, and others.

Viet Engineering Value Construction Consultants JSC (VEV) has been a partner of Long Hau Industrial Park for many years, providing design consultancy for many works at the IP.

On being asked to design Long Hau Trading Centre, Nguyen Truong Hai, VEV’s CEO, said, “VEV was excited to get invited by Long Hau to join in designing the centre. We think LHC’s target customers are newcomers to this industrial park who want to easily get information to serve their production and sales needs while building factories.
This will be a logistics services hub. Moreover, this will also be a place for business owners to meet and exchange information.Besides helping fulfil all the functions of this complex, we also want to remove the traditional framework and help the investor of this industrial park make a green mark through this project, matching LHC’s ‘green-eco-friendly-sustainable’ criteria.”

The project features a modern service model with retail and co-working spaces that make it highly competitive.

A convenient design with aesthetic looks will increase the competitive advantages of the Long Hau Trading Centre.

Le Thanh Tri, VEV’s project director, explained the design idea thus: “Let’s forget the image of an office worker in a suit and tie with their eyes on computer screens in the office. We built this project with public spaces between private spaces. The lobby features an open space with an atrium that brings fresh air to fan the creativity of people working here. The green and airy space outside the glass and the interaction between people will foster networking and creativity.”

Long Hau Trading Centre has been built quickly and is ready to be handed over to customers in 2020 with ​​up to 6,000sq.m of floor area and ​​rental units of 60-2,600 square metres.

Sharing his feelings about the new service project on Partner Day, Tri said: “The construction is faithful to the design idea and the goal of the investor. We appreciated the material and quality management of the investor (LHC) during the construction process, which was impressive. We know that many clients are interested in and registered to lease space as soon as the building was handed over.”

Long Hau Trading Center has low rentals starting at just US$$7.5 per square metre per month, 30-40 per cent lower that anywhere else in District 7.

With its 6000sq.m area, Long Hau Trading Centre has increased the supply of office services outside the centre of HCM City.


Source: Chào vietnam


VEV: Partnership for Success

How Vietnam can attract investors after EU trade deal



The 2020 Partner Day, a networking event, continued on June 11 with 100 key partners of Long Hau Corporation engaged in an exhaustive discussion on Vietnam’s investment prospects after it recently ratified the free trade agreement with the EU.



Mr. Marko Walde, chief representative of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam, or AHK, and Mr. Tobias Michael Gruemmer, regional operations manager of Maersk Vietnam, the two honoured guests at the event, both agreed that the free trade agreement between Vietnam and the European Union (EVFTA) would offer great opportunities to Vietnamese businesses to transform the supply chain.

Partner Day is an annual event organised by the Long Hau Corporation (LHC) in Long An Province to pay tribute to the Long Hau Industrial Park’s partners for their support.

Mr. Marko Walde, Chief Representative of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam (AHK) speaks at the 2020 Partner Day on June 11.

Vietnamese business professionals are especially interested in how to become indispensable partners in the supply chain to their European counterparts.

Bui Le Anh Hieu, business marketing director of LHC, who has years of experiences in this regard, said Vietnamese businesses should take optimal measures such as hiring a European expert to help them develop standard services and products.


Le Thanh Tri, Project Director Viet Engineering Value Construction Consultants JSC, at the 2020 Partner Day


Le Thanh Tri, Project Director of Viet Engineering Value Construction Consultants JSC (VEV), a long-term partner of the Long Hau Industrial Park, thanked the managing board of the park “for having allowed VEV to participate in the supply chain to bring high-quality products to multinational corporations that are enjoying the services provided at the park.”

His company is proud to have provided consultancy to the park for the designs of its factories and warehouses, which have been in use since last year, including T4 factory and multiple-level factories in the Long Hau Industrial Park 1 and a factory and warehouse compound for rent at the Da Nang High-Tech Park, he said.

He said many investors specialized in industrial development are working with VEV to build large-scale logistics facilities of international quality as they hope to take advantage of the EVFTA and the fallout of the global pandemic.
“We think this is the opportunity for us to take off,” Tri said.



Hieu of LHC regards VEV’s consultancy and time commitment highly. “LHC has been focusing on new generations of industrial factories. This has required a design consultancy company with deep practical knowledge as well as high adaptability and flexibility so to respond to the investor’s input and expectations. In this case, we have received VEV’s clear commitment when it comes to the construction progress, which protects the efficiency of the investment,” Hieu said.

When asked what modern industrial designs European investors are more inclined towards, he said: “Our clients who specialise in industrial real estate want to optimise the total area in accordance with Vietnamese laws to optimise their investment, but at the same time it must ensure convenient operation and flexibility when changes are needed in future.”Tri also mentioned energy saving as a top priority for investors right from the outset.

“Takeoff or Takeover” was the topic of a difficult but practical discussion. It allowed key partners to reflect on their businesses to identify their strengths and weaknesses and where they are in the supply chains that cater to the EVFTA.



The Typical Projects of VEV in Year 2018

Until the December of 2018, VEV had consulted for many projects with big values, as herein:

1. The readybuilt factories of Boustead  Projects Land ( Singapore) ( Nhon Trach 2 IP-Dong Nai)

Construction Cost : 150 bil VND

VEV’s service: Design, FF and Construction Permit, and Project management

2-American and Efird Thread factory( US)-  Nhơn Trạch 6 IP ( Đồng Nai)

Construction Cost : : 95 bil VND

VEV’s services: Design, FF and Construction Permit

3- Long Hau Service Center (Long Hậu IP- Long An)

Construction Cost : 50 bil VND

VEV’s service: Feasibility Study and Design

4- Multi-storey rental RBF factory -of Long Hau IP ( Long Hậu IP- Long An)

Construction Cost : 140 bil VND

VEV’s service: Feasibility Study and Design

5- Pharmaceutical Center of Sohavimex -Phase 1 (Yên Mỹ 2 IP- Hưng Yên)

Construction Cost: 30 bil VND

VEV’s service: design

The Typical Projects of VEV in Year 2017

Trong năm 2017, VEV đã tư vấn  cho nhiều dự án có giá trị lớn, tiêu biểu là các dự án sau:

Nhà máy dược phẩm NOn-betalac tam theo tiêu chuẩn châu Âu của Pymepharco

Tổng mức đầu tư : 400 tỷ VND


Nhà máy vải Zigui Jisheng-Wangsheng Dung Quất, tổng mức xây dựng 160 tỷ

Bệnh viện đa khoa quốc tế Phú yên 250 giường, tổng mức đầu tư 400


Nhà máy sản xuất linh kiện điện tử XP Power- Giai đoạn 2 ,tổng mức xây dựng 110 tỷ.

Nhà xưởng xây sẳn Long Hậu

Trung tâm kỹ thuật Makino (Saigon Hightech Park)

Tổng kho Mesa Hưng Yên, tổng mức xây dựng 30 tỷ

Căn tin và kho dược Pymepharco, tổng mức xây dựng 26 tỷ

Nhà máy sản xuất phụ gia xây dựng Sika Bắc Ninh, tổng mức xây dựng 60 tỷ

Nhà máy may Tainan- Xưởng B1, tư vấn công trình xanh. Nhà máy đã đạt chứng chỉ LEED Gold vào tháng 11 năm 2017.


Nhà máy thức ăn gia súc Anovafeed Hưng Yên, tổng mức xây dựng 120 tỷ

Regconition from Social and Community

In the series of regconitions from the USGBC and VGBC for the DBW Garment Factory through the highest certificate in the Green System (LEED Platinum Cert from USGBC and LOTUS Platinum Cert from VGBC), this project get another honor award.On 21st April 2017, at Novotel Da Nang Hotel,  VEV wins two (2) National Architecture Awards 2016-2017 related with this project. One is the Bronze Award of National Architecture 2016-2017 and the latter is the Outstanding Architect Award for Architect Dinh manh Hung, who designed for this building. The representative of Construction Ministry, Culture, Sport and Tourism Ministry and Vietnam Architecture Association have give the Award and flower to VEV. Last but but least, this Bronze Award is the unique award for industrial design among several winning designs of civil and planning. Two regconitions has greatly encouraged VEV on our design approach and energized the young talented Architects of VEV in research and development of industrial design with sustainable, energy-saving solution but not lack of romantic, and aesthetic building envelope. Herein there are some pictures of this celebration.












5th Year Aniversary Of VEV

The time ran too fast, 5 years as yesterday. Five years goes by, VEV already achieve some key success on the market, receive the certain recognition from Clients and international organizations.  In specialized design, VEV had been Design Consultants  for both LEED Platinum projects which gained the highest points in Vietnam for Green Building up to now. These are DBW garment factory in Long Hau IP (German client, completion in May 2016, achieved 86/110  credit of LEED) and FGL Fashion Garment Factory IN Tan Phu IP, Dong Nai ( Sri Lanka client, completion on 2015, achieved 84/110 credit points of LEED). For privilege, with the evidence of unforeseen increasing revenue in this year, more and more clients select VEV as their Design Consultants for next and next projects. In example, Anovafeed , a top company in feed mill market, already select VEV as Consultants for Dong Nai and Hung Yen and Long An expansion  feed mill factory.  Pymepharco, a top domestic pharmaceutical company in Vietnam,chose VEV for Design of multi-storey office, showroom and distribution center and the recent beta-lactam tablet  pharmaceutical factory with EU PIC Standard. VEV would like to give the appreciation to all Clients for the trust on VEV. VEV also expressed the deep gratefulness to all our colleagues and associates for the keeping our privilege and honor on every qualified drawing sheet and  every intelligent drawing line.

There are some typical projects of VEV in 2016 herein::

Pymepharco beta-lactam tablet pharmaceutical factory:



Pymepharco showroom and distribution center:



Anovafeed Hung Yen Feeed Mill Factory:




Hop Tri fertilizer manufacturing factory:



Jingguang Đồng Nai plastic factory (China):

One Champion Lee label factory ( Hồng Kông):




Meidai Kasei packaging factory (Japan):

Pepsi Can tho Endgame Project( US-Japan JV):

G&G fashion garment factory ( Singapore):


Tainan B1 garment factory ( Taiwan)  ( LEED consultant role):

Green Project Award 2016

n 11th June 2016, Bluescope Steel celebrated the Gala Dinner to invite the Investors, Contractors and Consultants to honor the Pioneer in Green projects. IN Gala night, VEV Consultants was honored to receive the award with the Design of DBW Garment Factory. The Design of DBW factory had won in comparison with other Designs to lead one Industrial design in Vietnam getting double Platinum Certification, one is Leed Platinum Cert from US Green Building Council, and the latter is LOTUS Platinum Cert from Vietnam Green Building Council. Together with specific building shading shape, the Design of DBW had applied a series of innovated material and technology, such as insulated Low-E glazing, the thermal insulated building envelope, the HDPE drainboard for roof garden, the solar battery panel, textile ducting, the recycled gray water and rain water system, water-saving fixtures, drip irrigation and most recycled density material. The Design of DBW has proved the Design Qualification of Vietnamese Architects and Engineers can compete with forein expats in creating the high-class product in Sustainable and Energy-Saving Design. Platinum is the highest certification level in International Green Cert System.

Some images in Gala Dinner:



hai công trình được vinh danh, trong đó có công trình Nhà máy may mặc Đức DBW

Mr Vo Minh Nhut, President of Bluescope Steel gave flowers and regconition award to Mr Pham Hong Thai, Technical Director of VEV






Hình ảnh công trình sau khi xây dựng:






( Source: VEV)

The building had been mentioned in the South East Building Magazine Sep/Oct 2015:



The technical data of DBW building for Sustainability:


44% of overall energy savings due to a mix of building envelope improvements,

LED lighting and renewables

50% lighting energy reduction from LEDs 30% of energy use is supplied by renewables Commissioning carried out to international standards to improve operating efficiency


electric bike and electric car facilities provided shuttle buses to the local bus stops showers for bicycle users


40% of water reduction for fixtures

12% recycled water for fixtures

100% recycled water for landscaping

60% of water reduction for process laundry use


85% of the open space is landscaped (due to our green roof concept )

100% localized species with low water requirements overall

Heat Island effect reduced on roof and hard surfaces

Local food production:

Rooftop garden harvest will contribute to worker’s meals

100% capture and reuse of stormwater from roofs and 27% capture and infiltration at ground-level


Building complies with international ventilation requirements

Comfort is improved with air conditioning in all major working spaces 96% of the working areas have views to the outside

The building is designed to be fully disabled-access compliant


Construction pollution controlled on site

No products using Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)

—VOC’s are common toxins found in building products that can off-gas to reduce air quality in the building

Low-greenhouse gas producing refrigerants

No smoking on the premises


42% of all materials are made of recycled content by cost

29% of materials are regional by cost

76% of reduction of use of traditional, highly polluting local bricks

Source :

Project at The End of Year 2015

Followed the DBW garment Factory of German Client with Construction Value 160 bil VND, VEV just win the Design Contract of G&G Fashion Garment Factory of Ghim Li Global group ( Singapore) with gross area approximately 30,000 sqm and investment value 234 bil VND. Another Design Contract is the food processing factory complex of Dary Food for fresh food, cold store and sea food processing. The construction value is apprx. 150 bil VND.In adition, VEV already get the Bidding Consulting and Site Supervision of Anovafeed Feed Mill Factory in Dong Nai of Anova Group , construction value is more than 150 bil VND. We can get these big contracts by the active and creative solution of architects and engineers for aesthetic architectural shape of external building as well as every details of function inside.


G&G fashion Garment Vietnam Factory

Dary food processing Factory Complex

TBIV palance wheel factory   ( Japan)

CT Pat Vina dyeing and knitting factory.

Anovafeed Đồng Nai FeedMill

LEED Platinum Project

On the beginning of July , 2015, a good new has come to our VEV Consultants. The project: Fashion Garment factory Expansion in Tan Phu IP, Dong Nai Province, which was designed by us, has been completed in Construction and awarded the LEED Platinum Certificate of USGBC ( US Green Building Council).Platinum class is the highest class, only certified for the sustainable ,friendly  environmental and high energy saving  project achieved more than 80 credit points on total 110 points. This project achieves 84 credit points, which focuses  on the suitable architectural shape, overhangs and shading, heat urban island effect prevention, storm water and waste water recycling for landscaping irrigation and sanitary cleaning,    energy saving more than 35% in comparison with baseline model, most of material with high density of recycling, and creating a goof indoor air quality for worker in field of thermal and illumination. We would like to send the congratulation to the Owner. IN Phase 1, the previous factory of Owner already achieve the LEED Gold certificate, but the Owner still upgrade themselves by pursuing the PLATINUM certificate target for the new factory in Expansion Phase. It create more challenges with our Architects and Engineers, but the result is worthy. It is the first LEED PLATINUM Project in Industrial Field of Vietnam. IN the current time, VEV just complete a design of new project of Germany Owner in leather garment factory in Long Hau IP with the LEED Platinum target also. VEV proves that the Green Building Design with high international standards and benchmarks is not impossible with Vietnamese Designer.

Happy VEV Birthday

The Company Birthday is coming on 11th of Nov. Our VEV receives a lot of good news at the same time. Although we are young, not older as some other famous consultants, but with our North Star “ PRESTIGE LEAD US FIRM DEVELOPMENT” , with our young , enthusiastic and creative team, with the experienced and deeply-understood team leader and project managers, within 1 month closed to our Anniversary, VEV receives 3 testimonials from Customers. They are very careful clients; however, they don’t save words in high evaluation for VEV. It is proudly to receive the award from Nhat Nhat Pharmaceutical, from Anova Feedmill, and from Tsuchiya, a Japanese Contractor ( please see in the Testimonial Folder of our website). To impress more for our prestige, within 1 month, VEV continuously sign Consultancy Contract with Daiwa House, one of leading Japanese Contractor, to build the KYC Machine Industry Factory in Long Duc IP, signs  with Japanese Customers to build one leather garment factory and one green farm factory in Long Hau IP, signs with Avery Dennison , one of leading manufacturer of US in electronic printing industry to inspect and satisfy the QA/QC control of their Construction Work in Tan Binh IP. In addition, the Clients who already signed Contract with VEV are trustfully signs the Annex to develop more the Work Items in their project, such as Nhat Nhat Pharmaceutical, Pymepharco Pharmaceutical, Anova Feed, FGL Fashion Garment. With these success, VEV already achieves our annual profit target at this Birthday Anniversary. We would like to say the appreciation tto our precious customers, to cooperated Contractors, and especially, to our well- qualified colleagues.

Happy birthday.

KYC Machine Industry project

Tanabe leather garment project:

RNGFarm green farm project:


Projects with annexes:

design and supervise the Nhat Nhat Pharmaceutical Expansion.

Design for  FGL Fashion garment office expansion

Anova Feed office Supervision.


Some projects in developments

With Srilanka clients:


With Thailand clients: