Service Centre Inside Industrial Park Close to HCMC Perfects Supply Chain

Service providers for industrial parks are usually located outside the parks due to various reasons like infrastructure, environment, location, space, and service conditions.

Having a service center right inside an IP will therefore make for complete modern supply chain.

Long Hau IP meets all requirements, especially in terms of infrastructure and environment and being situated a mere 10km from the Phu My Hung urban area, to set up a service centre.


Long Hau Trading Center (LHC) consists of two floors that offer office and retail space for rent. The first floor targets banks, supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, and showrooms, while the second floor is meant for offices, consultancies, shared offices, and others.

Viet Engineering Value Construction Consultants JSC (VEV) has been a partner of Long Hau Industrial Park for many years, providing design consultancy for many works at the IP.

On being asked to design Long Hau Trading Centre, Nguyen Truong Hai, VEV’s CEO, said, “VEV was excited to get invited by Long Hau to join in designing the centre. We think LHC’s target customers are newcomers to this industrial park who want to easily get information to serve their production and sales needs while building factories.
This will be a logistics services hub. Moreover, this will also be a place for business owners to meet and exchange information.Besides helping fulfil all the functions of this complex, we also want to remove the traditional framework and help the investor of this industrial park make a green mark through this project, matching LHC’s ‘green-eco-friendly-sustainable’ criteria.”


The project features a modern service model with retail and co-working spaces that make it highly competitive.

A convenient design with aesthetic looks will increase the competitive advantages of the Long Hau Trading Centre.

Le Thanh Tri, VEV’s project director, explained the design idea thus: “Let’s forget the image of an office worker in a suit and tie with their eyes on computer screens in the office. We built this project with public spaces between private spaces. The lobby features an open space with an atrium that brings fresh air to fan the creativity of people working here. The green and airy space outside the glass and the interaction between people will foster networking and creativity.”

Long Hau Trading Centre has been built quickly and is ready to be handed over to customers in 2020 with ​​up to 6,000sq.m of floor area and ​​rental units of 60-2,600 square metres.

Sharing his feelings about the new service project on Partner Day, Tri said: “The construction is faithful to the design idea and the goal of the investor. We appreciated the material and quality management of the investor (LHC) during the construction process, which was impressive. We know that many clients are interested in and registered to lease space as soon as the building was handed over.”


Long Hau Trading Center has low rentals starting at just US$$7.5 per square metre per month, 30-40 per cent lower that anywhere else in District 7.

With its 6000sq.m area, Long Hau Trading Centre has increased the supply of office services outside the centre of HCM City.


Source: Chào vietnam



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  • Owner
    Long Hau Corporation
  • Location
    Long Hau Industrial Park, Long An
    15 000 m2
  • Year