VEV: Partnership for Success

How Vietnam can attract investors after EU trade deal



The 2020 Partner Day, a networking event, continued on June 11 with 100 key partners of Long Hau Corporation engaged in an exhaustive discussion on Vietnam’s investment prospects after it recently ratified the free trade agreement with the EU.



Mr. Marko Walde, chief representative of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam, or AHK, and Mr. Tobias Michael Gruemmer, regional operations manager of Maersk Vietnam, the two honoured guests at the event, both agreed that the free trade agreement between Vietnam and the European Union (EVFTA) would offer great opportunities to Vietnamese businesses to transform the supply chain.

Partner Day is an annual event organised by the Long Hau Corporation (LHC) in Long An Province to pay tribute to the Long Hau Industrial Park’s partners for their support.

Mr. Marko Walde, Chief Representative of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam (AHK) speaks at the 2020 Partner Day on June 11.

Vietnamese business professionals are especially interested in how to become indispensable partners in the supply chain to their European counterparts.

Bui Le Anh Hieu, business marketing director of LHC, who has years of experiences in this regard, said Vietnamese businesses should take optimal measures such as hiring a European expert to help them develop standard services and products.


Le Thanh Tri, Project Director Viet Engineering Value Construction Consultants JSC, at the 2020 Partner Day


Le Thanh Tri, Project Director of Viet Engineering Value Construction Consultants JSC (VEV), a long-term partner of the Long Hau Industrial Park, thanked the managing board of the park “for having allowed VEV to participate in the supply chain to bring high-quality products to multinational corporations that are enjoying the services provided at the park.”

His company is proud to have provided consultancy to the park for the designs of its factories and warehouses, which have been in use since last year, including T4 factory and multiple-level factories in the Long Hau Industrial Park 1 and a factory and warehouse compound for rent at the Da Nang High-Tech Park, he said.

He said many investors specialized in industrial development are working with VEV to build large-scale logistics facilities of international quality as they hope to take advantage of the EVFTA and the fallout of the global pandemic.
“We think this is the opportunity for us to take off,” Tri said.



Hieu of LHC regards VEV’s consultancy and time commitment highly. “LHC has been focusing on new generations of industrial factories. This has required a design consultancy company with deep practical knowledge as well as high adaptability and flexibility so to respond to the investor’s input and expectations. In this case, we have received VEV’s clear commitment when it comes to the construction progress, which protects the efficiency of the investment,” Hieu said.

When asked what modern industrial designs European investors are more inclined towards, he said: “Our clients who specialise in industrial real estate want to optimise the total area in accordance with Vietnamese laws to optimise their investment, but at the same time it must ensure convenient operation and flexibility when changes are needed in future.”Tri also mentioned energy saving as a top priority for investors right from the outset.

“Takeoff or Takeover” was the topic of a difficult but practical discussion. It allowed key partners to reflect on their businesses to identify their strengths and weaknesses and where they are in the supply chains that cater to the EVFTA.