Celebrating VEV ‘s 12 Years of Excellence in the Tropical Paradise of Phuket

Viet Engineering Value Construction Consultants JSC (VEV) is proud to mark ours 12th anniversary, a significant milestone in our journey of excellence. To commemorate this achievement and express our gratitude to the dedicated team, we embarked on an unforgettable company trip to the beautiful island of Phuket, Thailand, in July, 2023.

Exploring the Tropical Gem:

Phuket, known for its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and lush landscapes, provided the perfect backdrop for our celebratory adventure. Our team immersed themselves in the rich Thai culture, indulged in exquisite cuisine, and enjoyed the breathtaking scenery that Phuket had to offer.

Team-Building Activities:

The trip wasn’t just about relaxation; it was an opportunity for team building and fostering stronger bonds among our colleagues.

Celebrating Achievements, Acknowledging Contributions

Amidst the picturesque settings, we took the time to reflect on our company’s achievements over the past 12 years. It was a moment of pride and gratitude for the collective efforts that have propelled VEV to the forefront of the construction consultancy industry.

As part of our celebration, in Gala dinner, our General Director, Mr. Nguyen Truong Hai, addressed the team, acknowledging the challenges faced by the construction field in the Vietnam market throughout the year. Despite these challenges, VEV has secured numerous projects, providing consistent employment opportunities for our staff. Our General Director expressed appreciation for the resilience and hard work of every team member.

Long-Term Contribution Awards, Management’s Appreciation:

The highlight of the trip was the recognition of employees with long-term contributions to the company. This award not only signify our appreciation for their dedication but also demonstrate the positive working environment and high growth opportunities within VEV. It serves as a testament to our commitment to providing a workplace where talent is recognized and rewarded.

The management took this opportunity to personally reward and acknowledge the outstanding contributions made by employees to various projects. This gesture emphasizes our dedication to fostering a culture of excellence and teamwork.

Employee Representative’s Thanks:

A representative from the employees expressed gratitude on behalf of the entire team. We thanked the management for the continuous support, promising to contribute our efforts to the company’s success. We reiterated the team’s commitment to maintaining VEV’s reputation for excellence in the construction consultancy field.

The trip served not only as a celebration of our past achievements but also as inspiration for the future. We return from Phuket with renewed energy, a strengthened team spirit, and a commitment to continue delivering excellence in the field of construction consultancy.


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