Regconition from Social and Community

In the series of regconitions from the USGBC and VGBC for the DBW Garment Factory through the highest certificate in the Green System (LEED Platinum Cert from USGBC and LOTUS Platinum Cert from VGBC), this project get another honor award.On 21st April 2017, at Novotel Da Nang Hotel,  VEV wins two (2) National Architecture Awards 2016-2017 related with this project. One is the Bronze Award of National Architecture 2016-2017 and the latter is the Outstanding Architect Award for Architect Dinh manh Hung, who designed for this building. The representative of Construction Ministry, Culture, Sport and Tourism Ministry and Vietnam Architecture Association have give the Award and flower to VEV. Last but but least, this Bronze Award is the unique award for industrial design among several winning designs of civil and planning. Two regconitions has greatly encouraged VEV on our design approach and energized the young talented Architects of VEV in research and development of industrial design with sustainable, energy-saving solution but not lack of romantic, and aesthetic building envelope. Herein there are some pictures of this celebration.