Project at The End of Year 2015

Followed the DBW garment Factory of German Client with Construction Value 160 bil VND, VEV just win the Design Contract of G&G Fashion Garment Factory of Ghim Li Global group ( Singapore) with gross area approximately 30,000 sqm and investment value 234 bil VND. Another Design Contract is the food processing factory complex of Dary Food for fresh food, cold store and sea food processing. The construction value is apprx. 150 bil VND.In adition, VEV already get the Bidding Consulting and Site Supervision of Anovafeed Feed Mill Factory in Dong Nai of Anova Group , construction value is more than 150 bil VND. We can get these big contracts by the active and creative solution of architects and engineers for aesthetic architectural shape of external building as well as every details of function inside.


G&G fashion Garment Vietnam Factory

Dary food processing Factory Complex

TBIV palance wheel factory   ( Japan)

CT Pat Vina dyeing and knitting factory.

Anovafeed Đồng Nai FeedMill