Happy VEV Birthday

The Company Birthday is coming on 11th of Nov. Our VEV receives a lot of good news at the same time. Although we are young, not older as some other famous consultants, but with our North Star “ PRESTIGE LEAD US FIRM DEVELOPMENT” , with our young , enthusiastic and creative team, with the experienced and deeply-understood team leader and project managers, within 1 month closed to our Anniversary, VEV receives 3 testimonials from Customers. They are very careful clients; however, they don’t save words in high evaluation for VEV. It is proudly to receive the award from Nhat Nhat Pharmaceutical, from Anova Feedmill, and from Tsuchiya, a Japanese Contractor ( please see in the Testimonial Folder of our website). To impress more for our prestige, within 1 month, VEV continuously sign Consultancy Contract with Daiwa House, one of leading Japanese Contractor, to build the KYC Machine Industry Factory in Long Duc IP, signs  with Japanese Customers to build one leather garment factory and one green farm factory in Long Hau IP, signs with Avery Dennison , one of leading manufacturer of US in electronic printing industry to inspect and satisfy the QA/QC control of their Construction Work in Tan Binh IP. In addition, the Clients who already signed Contract with VEV are trustfully signs the Annex to develop more the Work Items in their project, such as Nhat Nhat Pharmaceutical, Pymepharco Pharmaceutical, Anova Feed, FGL Fashion Garment. With these success, VEV already achieves our annual profit target at this Birthday Anniversary. We would like to say the appreciation tto our precious customers, to cooperated Contractors, and especially, to our well- qualified colleagues.

Happy birthday.

KYC Machine Industry project

Tanabe leather garment project:

RNGFarm green farm project:


Projects with annexes:

design and supervise the Nhat Nhat Pharmaceutical Expansion.

Design for  FGL Fashion garment office expansion

Anova Feed office Supervision.


Some projects in developments

With Srilanka clients:


With Thailand clients: