The Typical projects in year 2018 of VEV

Until the December of 2018, VEV had consulted for many projects with big values, as herein:

1. The readybuilt factories of Boustead  Projects Land ( Singapore) ( Nhon Trach 2 IP-Dong Nai)

Construction Cost : 150 bil VND

VEV's service: Design, FF and Construction Permit, and Project management

2-American and Efird Thread factory( US)-  Nhơn Trạch 6 IP ( Đồng Nai)

Construction Cost : : 95 bil VND

VEV's services: Design, FF and Construction Permit

3- Long Hau Service Center (Long Hậu IP- Long An)

Construction Cost : 50 bil VND

VEV's service: Feasibility Study and Design

4- Multi-storey rental RBF factory -of Long Hau IP ( Long Hậu IP- Long An)

Construction Cost : 140 bil VND

VEV's service: Feasibility Study and Design

5- Pharmaceutical Center of Sohavimex -Phase 1 (Yên Mỹ 2 IP- Hưng Yên)

Construction Cost: 30 bil VND

VEV's service: design